David & George

The David & George design manifesto

Throughout the build, we will guide you down a path of strong impactful design


Our principals


Short concise copy

The average user spends 5.59 seconds looking at a website’s written content. Make those seconds count with a clear and simple message. If the user wants to know more, they’ll contact you. If you do need to provide more information then do so via a link to an inside page.

Minimal & well chosen images

Images should contain minimal content and an obvious focal point. Images with text overlaid should have enough negative space for the text to sit on. If taking your own images, aim for natural light and try to avoid the yellow tint that sometimes comes from indoor lighting.


Keep the quirks to a minimum

Technical quirks, like an image sliding in from the left, can be buggy on different devices and uncomfortable for the user’s eyes as they scroll down the page. As a general rule, if something isn’t adding to your message - take it out.

A clear direction & an obvious call to action

A website should have a clear direction. We will structure your website in a way that guides users along a path and prompts them to take action - whether it’s buying a product, booking an appointment or getting in touch.

Why should I follow the recommended word limits or image sizes?

All of our components and layouts have been carefully tested to ensure they look great on every device and screen size. We’ve given careful consideration to how long each content section can be before it starts looking unbalanced or causes problems when breaking down on smaller devices. Our guidelines are designed to help make your website the best it can be. Additional text can be placed on an inside page for those who wish to find out more.

If you’re optimising images yourself

For optimal loading speed images should be 1500px wide at the longest side and a maximum file size of 600kb. You may find that certain detailed images can not be reduced to these specs without an obvious drop in quality. It’s alright to go a bit over if required. If fine detail is very important, you could make your images 2500px wide at the longest side and go for a larger file size. Phone images are perfectly acceptable.

Cut out the unnecessary and trust in your message