Existing Squarespace Customer?

Squarespace Expert / Squarespace Developer / Squarespace Help

We offer specialist help to get you website looking and working how you want including SEO help.
Focus on what you are good at and let us take care of the rest......

Squarespace is a fantastic state-of-the-art, fully hosted professional grade platform that allows anyone to set up their own website. If you are looking to copy one of their base templates, something very simple or if are pretty design savvy / computer literate this is perfectly possible. 

However lots of our clients are existing Squarespace customers - it can be tricky to choose the right template for your business and to layout the pages. There certainly is a learning curve and unless you are prepared to spend time reading the user guides and a bit of trial and error it can take time until you get a result you are happy with.

There are lots of changes you can make to the overall style and sometimes this can be overwhelming. If like most small businesses/entrepreneurs you will want to spend your time on your core business it can make sense to pay someone else - to do what they are good at.

However you get to a finished website you are happy with,  Squarespace is the best solution - AND its wonderfully easy to update and change yourself without needing ongoing help.

We can take your site to the next level:

  • Suggest a better base template that suits your brand and message better (Squarespace is continually releasing new templates)
  • Cast a design eye over your site and polish it up - and make any improvements to the layout that will help your users
  • Image Optimisation to enable faster page loading
  • Improving the sites structure for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Custom Layouts/Template Changes/Squarespace Developer
  • If you have an existing Squarespace website and need help - or if you are about to start a new site - talk to us and see if we can help!