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We are David & George, an Edinburgh based web design agency. We build beautiful responsive websites on Squarespace. Our team of talented in house designers also provide logos and branding. We work with small businesses, artists, photographers, consultants, freelancers and more. All of our websites are built on Squarespace, a platform at the cutting edge of web design. Squarespace websites work beautifully on all devices, straight out of the box and require little technical setup so we can focus on designing the best thing for you and your business. Let’s Talk

Why we’re different

Many web designers try to lock clients in with hosting packages and monthly maintenance fees. We prefer a clear pricing structure where everything is billed on an hourly basis and you’re only charged for the time it actually takes us to build your site. We’ve met people who are paying hundreds of pounds a year to their current web designer for “maintenance” or “SEO” when it’s clear that the designer is just taking their money for nothing. Web design is fraught with bad practices like these. We favour transparency and honesty. Once your site is complete, we will transfer ownership to you and give you a tutorial on how to change and things in the future. You won’t have to come back to us every time you want to add an image or change some text, although we are available if need us. All our work is carried out by our small team in our office on Barclay Terrace in Bruntsfield.

Wordpress websites vs Squarespace Websites

Wordpress is an open source project which means that anyone can contribute to it, regardless of their technical ability. Because Wordpress is technically free to use, there is no customer support and no team of developers on hand to fix bugs and errors. Squarespace, on the other hand, is an all in one platform with 24 hour support and a team of some of the best engineers in the world maintaining its websites. Unlike Wordpress, if a new feature is released on Squarespace, it is thoroughly checked and tested before it is rolled out. One of the main reasons Wordpress has been so popular in the past is because of its wide range of plugins. But adding all of those extra things to your site, made by various different developers, can make your website unstable. Many of the features that Wordpress requires a plugin for are already native features of Squarespace. It should be noted that Squarespace also has the ability to be heavily customised with code for those who want to go down that route. There is simply no need for a business or individual to be using Wordpress anymore. Why pay a web designer to go through all of that technical setup with no guarantee that you’ll get a website that will work well on all devices, or will work at all? With Squarespace, you won’t have to worry about hosting, plugins, sitemaps or many of the other technical terms you may have heard. Squarespace websites work perfectly on all devices, straight out of the box. With all the technical setup out of the way, we are able to focus more on the design of your website and how it’s going to work for your business.

Seamless Integrations

Squarespace customers on the business plan get a free Acuity scheduling calendar to collect bookings and, optionally, take payment via PayPal, Square, Stripe, Braintree, or Authorize.net. Users on the business plan also receive free professional gmail for a year. Building up a mailing list is easy with the Squarespace signup box which integrates with Mailchimp. Other integrations include Facebook Pixel, paypal, stripe, apple pay, social media accounts, google analytics, google search console and more.

Websites for Artists, Makers & Photographers

We love working with creatives and Squarespace is perfectly suited to it. Squarespaces minimal style gives your work room to breathe. The intuitive back end, means that no technical knowledge is required for you to update your website with your latest pieces of work. Keeping visitors up to date with your latest exhibitions and events is breeze with a Squarespace calendar. A free training session is included with every website handover, this can take place online via screen share or in our office in Bruntsfield Edinburgh.

Websites for small & Large businesses

The most important thing about any website is a call to action. Whether it’s making a booking or giving you a call, your website should direct the user somewhere. We advise our clients to provide just enough information to pique people’s interest but not so much that they get lost and go to another website. If you’re having trouble knowing what content you need, we provide copywriting and image sourcing services. We always provide a free training session on site handover. Group training sessions can also be arranged at on hourly rate if required. Training sessions can take place in our office in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh or in your office.

Professional & financial sector businesses

We have a lot of experience working with consultancy, professional and financial sector businesses in and around Edinburgh. We build websites which look professional and trustworthy while still appearing light and interesting. Your website should clearly show your services and direct people to contact you. We’ll work with you to make sure your website reflects your business and your unique perspective.View a selection of our professional business websites below.

Sports & fitness websites

We’ve built a range of sports and fitness websites, from yoga instructors to sport consultants. Your website should clearly show your services while also giving the user a sense of who you are and why they should pick you. Any testimonials you have should be displayed. The key to any website is to get people to take action, whether it’s buying a product or contacting you. Your website should direct people to the contact page without appearing too pushy. View a selection of our sports and fitness website examples below.

Websites for interior designers and architects

Squarespace is perfect for showcasing interior design or architectural work. The templates are designed to be image lead and push you towards creating a site which is clean and elegant. The intuitive back end makes it simple to update your website and add new projects to your portfolio page. We combine clear images with carefully chosen typography to create an elegant and sophisticated website. Your website will give potential clients a sense of your unique style while clearly stating your services. A testimonials page is also helpful but ultimately, the main goal of your website is to get people to contact you. View a selection of our work below.

Building, Construction, Cleaning & trades websites

A trades website should be clean, simple and should not look overly designed. Testimonials (if possible) and pictures of the team are key in getting your visitors to trust you and know that you’ll get the job done well. The websites main purpose is to get people to call or email you for a quote. It’s important not to give people too much information that might get in the way of them contacting you. SEO (the process of making your site visible in search engines like google) will be important to the success of your website. We use the Squarespace platform which provides a range of inbuilt tools to monitor how your site is appearing in search engines. Unlike WordPress, Squarespace is maintained by some of the worlds best software engineers. As a result, the code is generally more sound which means that Google will favour a Squarespace site over a WordPress site. We will do a basic SEO setup on your site (adding page descriptions and giving pages good URLs) but we can also offer a more advanced SEO package if required. To find out more about Squarespace SEO, get in touch or come and see us in our office in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. View examples of our trades sites below.

Websites for charities & organisations

There are three main goals to a charity or organisation website; to convey your mission, encourage donations or involvement, and to keep donors up to date with the work you’ve been doing. It’s vital that your website shows the value of the work you do without bombarding visitors with too much information. Important information, such as reports and figures, should be available on separate pages for those would like to read more. You can take donations through Squarespace or you can integrate a third party app like donorbox. You can also embed projects using a service like Akvo Foundation. We will work with you to deliver the required result within your timescale and budget. We build all of our websites on the Squarespace platform which makes it simple for any computer literate person in your organisation to add to or update the website without having to come back to us every time. We provide a free training session on handover. We can also offer further one to one or group training sessions at an hourly rate. View some of our charity/organisation websites below.

Ecommerce website design Edinburgh

Squarespace provides an all in one ecommerce solution complete with customer accounts, stock management, and a secure checkout. There is no limit to the number of products you can sell and each item can have as many variations as required. Tags and categories can be used to organise products. Your product can contain embedded videos, images, audio and more. Subscription products can be useful if you’re offering monthly subscription boxes or sharing content. Squarespace shops have been carefully designed to work well on all devices. The shop is packed full of features like discounts, automatic customer emails, tax rules and many more. Accepted payment methods are Paypal and Stripe, both of which integrate seamlessly with Squarespace. View squarespace ecommerce examples below.


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